All The Single Ladies - Heartbreakers Ball

Crazy in Love - Beyonce Tribute with the Justin Timberlake Tribute Band

  • Saturday, February 15
  • 7:00PM

"All the single ladies , All the single ladies...." - whether single by choice or by being "cursed"..... The Roof has got you! We bring you our heartbreaker's ball featuring Crazy in Love - A BeyoncĂ© Tribute with the Justin Timberlake tribute band starting at 7PM and then stick around and party all night with Tin Roof favorite's, Alex Butler on the main stage and MrImReady spinning all your favorite songs on the rooftop!  Add your exes picture to our Burn book and Bring your exes old sweatshirt, t-shirt, or whatever they left behind and we will donate it for you! 2020 is your year and you were too good for them anyway!