Synchronicity - The Police Experience

  • Saturday, November 27
  • 7:00PM
  • $10

Synchronicity - The Police Experience 
Tin Roof - Raleigh, NC
Saturday, November 27th 7PM
$10 Tickets available now!

The English rock band The Police has released five studio albums, two
live albums, seven compilation albums, twelve video albums, four soundtrack
albums, and 26 singles. The Police sold over 100 million records worldwide. All
this within six years of being a band.
Synchronicity, the Police Experience, was established in Columbia SC in
2017. Recreating the sound of the Police was no easy task. It started with Brian
Geiger wanting to go outside the box and learn Stewart Copeland's drumming
style. When Brian shared the experience with his buddy Lael Silva, an
experienced local guitar player, Lael became inquisitive about Andy Summers'
atmospheric style of playing. At this point, they realized it would be a
challenge to play a few Police songs together, so they called in Ken Carnes to
be "Sting”. Ken had been singing opera and starring in classical plays but
accepted the challenge to get back to good-old-rock.
The Police experience was born.
A two-hour show reminiscent of the 2008 Certifiable Tour had begun.
With a list of twenty plus hit songs like Message in a Bottle, Roxanne, Don't
Stand So Close to me, Wrapped Around your finger, King of Pain and even
deeper tracks from the early Police albums like; Truth Hits Everybody, Next to
You and Fall Out.
If you love the Police and have seen them live, you'll appreciate the
detail that goes into the Synchronicity set. The famous sparkle blue Tama
drum set that Stewart Copeland uses, the guitar sounds performed by Andy
Summers, and even the outfits from the certifiable tour give an almost exact
replication of the Police live.
The energetic playlist you make you will fall in love with this band all over
again. Our goal is to bring the intensity of the early 80's music to new
generations. We are honored to deliver The Police experience to you.

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