Our Chefs Rock

  • Saturday, August 31
  • 12:00PM


We open daily at 11 AM serving up made from scratch, southern inspired 'Better Than Bar Food' in a fun, casual environment and a full bar selection ! FULL MENU

What does 'Better Than Bar Food' mean?  - We take a lot of pride in our kitchen! We make our own sauces & marinades in house and prominently feature made from scratch items throughout our entire menu.  Simply put, the menu might resemble bar food, but we take no shortcuts so it's 'Better Than Bar Food'

How is it 'Southern Inspired'? - Much like our music, we don't like to stick to just one genre or style, but we do draw our influences from our southern roots as demonstrated by our Nashville Hot Chicken, Dixie Biscuits, Voodo Grinder & more delicious examples! 

What are some popular menu items? - We enjoy it all of course, but people love our Chicken Tenders because they're hand cut & hand breaded fresh every day with our own special seasoning! We also feature the best wings in Raleigh including our unique Chili-Brown Wings with our custom brown sugar and chili dry rub.  Our Nashville Hot Chicken, a la carte Tacos & our appetizer selections are also hugely popular, but come try us out and find your own favorite!