Phillip Michael Parsons

  • Saturday, January 25
  • 10:00PM

Tin Roof Favorite,  Phillip Michael Parsons, keeps you singing and dancing all night long.

Phillip Michael Parsons spent the last four years building a fiercely loyal fanbase and the newest members of the “PMP Fam Club” are streaming in from coast to coast. Yes, that said “Fam Club!” Parsons has been referring to his fans as “family”since day one. His Fam club, one month after forming has members from 26 states, Canada, Australia, Europe and South America! Parsons plays an active role on social media and looks forward to meeting new family members through his upcoming national radio debut and an ever increasing inclusion on worldwide Spotify playlists. Parsons’ plans for his most extensive tour yet are all sure to provide optimal growth in 2019. His dynamic, high-energy performances with a skilled and young close-knit band of professionals never disappoints and instantly draws and entertains crowds of up to 40,000!

Splitting his time between Southern Maryland and Nashville, Parsons developed a consulting relationship with his manager, Julee Ann Seymour when he was just starting his music journey. Seymour wanted him to pay his dues in the music industry on his own before signing him to a full-service management contract in August. Smokeshow Entertainment has surrounded Parsons with trusted industry veterans Seymour has become close with since arriving in Nashville 17 years ago. Staying true to her management style, Phillip’s breakout smash hit single, “Breakin’ My Own Rules” was co-written with award-winning hit songwriters Clay Mills III (“Beautiful Mess”), Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean) and Mike Krompass (Smashmouth, Nelly Furtado) and produced by Krompass and Redmond, the multi-platinum production team at 1225 Entertainment. Phillip will be heading back into the studio with 1225 in winter 2018.

Parsons also begins his first nationwide radio tour when “Breakin’ My Own Rules” hits radio stations across America in 2019 with the help of radio industry titan, Larry Pareigis and the team at Nine North Records. Already being added to radio stations in multiple states, Phillip Michael Parsons states he has plans to take over the world, one radio at a time.